12 essential gardening tools that gardeners should have

If you are a person who is maintaining your own garden by yourself, certainly as a gardener you should have to be aware of the gardening tools required for you. There are certain tools that are essentially required for the maintenance of the garden. If you want to add these tools into your garden go ahead and purchase. Here are some such tools for you.

essential gardening tools


This is the main item required for gardening. The right pair of gloves is an essential item. Mainly the gloss should be durable to use for a longer period. They should not be bulky because you have to work with them for seeding as well as transplanting. The fabric that the gloves are made of should be water-resistant, breathable, and have to keep your hand cool and comfortable. While storing your gloves, make sure to keep them out of the sunlight.

Pruning shears

The pruning shears are the most common tool required for pruning.  The most useful pruning shear-type is the anvil pruners. These types of pruners do best for the dead woods and sometimes those can cause injuries to the fresh branches and the stems as well. And the pruner should always have to be the best fit for your hands.


The loppers are also a kind of pruning tool. These are long-handled pruners. The loppers will make the task easier for pruning thick and hard to reach areas while pruning. Usually, the long-handled ones provide the leverage it takes to cut through branches up to an inch or more in diameter.

Garden fork

This is a very efficient gardening tool that is required for turning soil. The garden forks do better than the spades.  While selecting suitable garden forks you have to select the forks with a slight curve that is spinning that are useful for the scooping of the mulch, and turn the compost piles. There are straight tines, those are always better for digging purposes. There is another tintype called square tins. These square tins are usually stronger than the flat lines.

Hand towel

This is another type of essential tool that is required for the transplanting of the bedding plants and the herbal plant types.  These are suitable for the planting containers as well. Take the weeds out from the plant beds by using hand towels. While selecting suitable hand towels pay attention to the broad blade types to move more soil. And the handle should have to be fitted comfortably to your hand. The trowels forged from stainless steel, or at least with a stainless steel head, are more durable and will last longer.


The spades are square-shaped shovels that are used in your gardens. They possess a very short handle. The spades are making the gardening task very easier. Spades are used in the works such as digging holes, edging, lifting sods and the removal of the moving of small amounts of dirt from one place to another place. There is a blade, that will give a sturdier and more comfortable foot surface when an extra push is needed. The ash hardwoods are the ones that handle durable and it absorbs the vibrations and the shocks. Select always spades having stainless steel heads because they won’t rust.


Rake is another useful garden equipment that is essentially required to rake and whisk the debris falling on the ground. There are various styles, shapes and sizes. Some adjustable rakes make it easy to reach on narrow areas and gather large piles and leaves. The steel lines are a very strong type of rake that is suitable for delicate lawns. The most recommended rake type for you is the adjustable garden leaf rake. The rake head is also easily expandable in this rake type.


A hoe is an essentially required item for each and every vegetable garden. If you are also a person who is maintaining a vegetable garden, be aware that it is certainly a required item for you. The thinner and more delicate hoes will do best in your gardens. Usually, in the purposes such as preparation of the garden beds and flower beds, these hoes are essential. While purchasing and selecting a suitable home you should have to consider factors like, hoe with a comfortable handle, properly working sharp blade, weeding hoes. Weeding hoes are also called hula or stirrup hoes. For turning the soil in rows for vegetable gardens, usually, the flat hoes are the best.

Garden hose with adjustable nozzle

You know that water is the main foundation of garden life. Therefore it is always better to use a garden hose and spray water in every area of the garden. Mainly there are three types of hoses based on their diameters. Easily you could be able to explore the hoses in the diameter of ½ inches, 5/8 inches and ¾ inches diameter. If you put any adjustable nozzle on the hose, then easily you can control the water pressure as well as the spray radius.

Before purchasing any gardening hose there are some facts that you should have to consider. First, estimate the length that you require. Also, the length of the hose will directly affect the water pressure. If the hose gets longer and longer, it may cause a reduction in the water pressure. And you can find the vinyl hoses. Usually, these hose types are lightweight as well as easier. And while purchasing consider the material that the hose has made, the weight of it and the price of the hose. The storing place of the hose should have to be considered. Always try to keep them away from the direct sunlight.

Watering wand

If you want to offer your plants a little rain shower, it is better to use a water-breaking wand. There are multiple varieties of watering wands. Usually, the watering wands are diverse in their sizes. At least they vary from 10 – 48 inches. always try to select the length that you need. You can select the length according to your need. You have to select longer ones for high hanging baskets and required shorter ones for the tighter spaces. And the built-in shut-off valves in the handle conserve water and allow it to adjust the flow.

Watering can

Mainly there are two main types of watering cans. They are plastic or other metal water cans. There are hundreds and thousands of various styles, colours, sizes and nozzles. Usually, plastic cans are considered mightier than metal cans. But those cans won’t last long. And in order to resist rust, the metal cans should have been galvanized. And while selecting as a gardener you should have to consider what is the weight that you are going to assign for the cans. The handle placed in the can should allow the user to carry it easily and the tip of the can should be convenient to pour water on. If you want to water an outdoor garden, it is better to select a large can with a sprinkler head and a long neck.


When you want to remove some excess soil, residuals, mulch or compost, easily you can move it away from one place to another place by using this kind of instrument. Apart from that if there are any heavy lifting items located in your garden also you can move them away with the wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow has a traditional dual handle and a single wheel style. That has made it easier to balance heavy loads.  There are wheelbarrows with single handles as well. Such types of wheelbarrows can be moved very easily by using only one hand. After taking any use from the wheelbarrow make sure to keep the wheelbarrow cleaned. The cleaning is essentially required in order to prevent rust. For easier wheeling, it is better to keep the wheels inflated properly. 

So these are some most common tools that can be found in any garden. As well as that if you don’t have any of the given items within your garden, certainly try to get them. Because these are essentially required for a garden.


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