Armenian Cucumber: A productive, heat-tolerant crop for the food garden

Armenian Cucumber would be one of the best vegetables that you can grow in your garden. When you grow this vegetable, you can expect to receive a continuous yield throughout the year. Moreover, growing Armenian Cucumbers would be something easy as well. That’s because these vegetables are highly heated tolerant. Continue to read and we will share more details on how to grow Armenian Cucumber at home.

Armenian Cucumber

What exactly is Armenian Cucumber?

Armenian Cucumber, which is also known as long cucumber, or snake cucumber, is one of the most commonly found cucumber varieties out there. It is a popular homegrown crop among people in all parts of the world. Armenian Cucumber is quite easy to grow. You can find multiple varieties of Armenian Cucumber as well.

The fruits of Armenian Cucumber are fuzzy. You can harvest these fruits when they are about 8 to 10 inches in length. However, it is also possible to allow the fruits to grow up to three feet in length as well. You will be able to proceed with growing Armenian Cucumber vertically on tunnels, trellises, and up the twine. However, you can also allow them to sprawl along the ground. The fruits that you plant will be curled or curved. These are quite straight.

Planting Armenian Cucumber seeds

If you want to plant Armenian Cucumber, you should get the seeds you want. Harvesting will start around two months after seedling. You can plant the seeds under grow lights around the last spring frost. It is also possible for you to use a heating mat so that you can accelerate the germination process of seeds.

Planting Armenian cucumbers should be done at the base of the trellis. You need to keep a distance of around 15 inches in between. When the seedlings start to grow, you will notice how they climb up. Hence, you should think about providing the support needed.

In order to sow the seeds directly in your home garden, you need to ensure that the soil temperature is around 65 F. If not, you may even think about pre-warming the soil before you plant them. You can easily do this by laying a black plastic sheet for a period of around two weeks. It is possible to fertilize the soil with a granular organic fertilizer. You need to maintain a distance of 15 inches when you are planting them in the garden as well. In case you don’t plan to trellis the plants, you will need to keep a distance of around 24 inches. Then you can get the seedlings to grow perfectly well.

How to grow Armenian Cucumber vertically

You can even proceed with growing Armenian Cucumber vertically. There are a few benefits that you can get by growing Armenian Cucumber vertically. One of the most prominent benefits out of them is the ability to maximize the growing space. If you grow these plants in-ground, you will have to allocate a lot of space. However, there is no need to allocate such a lot of space because you can simply grow them vertically.

On the other hand, growing Armenian Cucumber can help you to overcome disease and pest problems quite effectively as well. You can also spot the fruits pretty easily as they are hanging from the trellis.

These plants tend to climb up with tendrils. You can also grow them up in trellises and tunnels. In case you have a link fence, you can grow Armenian Cucumber to enhance summer privacy as well. That’s because the vines of Armenian Cucumber will be able to create a temporary living screen pretty quickly.

Hand pollinating Armenian Cucumber

Most people who grow Armenian Cucumbers wonder whether they should hand pollinate or not. You may also come across this question because the flowers would not typically pollinate on their own. It is perfectly fine to hand pollinate. However, you should do it carefully. If you come up with the decision to hand pollinate, you should use a dry small paintbrush that is clean. Or else, you may also think about using a Q-tip in order to transfer pollen to a female flower from a male flower. You can also lightly press the female flower so that you can move pollen quite effectively.

This is where some people get confused to figure out what is the male flower. Female flowers of Armenian Cucumber are having a small fruit underneath each bloom. On the other hand, male flowers of Armenian Cucumber come along with a straight stem.

How to grow Armenian Cucumber in pots

You can easily grow Armenian Cucumber in pots as well. However, you should be careful to pick a container that has a width of at least 16 inches. It’s better if you can go for an even bigger pot. That’s because a bigger pot is capable of holding a massive volume of soil. It will also be able to hold the moisture and accommodate the root ball. We encourage you to think about using a good quality potting mix along with compost as well.

As you grow Armenian Cucumber in a pot, you will need to add organic fertilizer slowly to the growing medium. You may direct transplant the Armenian Cucumber plants when the winter season is over.

It is important to keep in mind that containers tend to dry out pretty quickly when compared to garden beds. Therefore, you should always be mindful of the soil moisture levels. If soil moisture levels drop, the plants will have to experience drought stress. Hence, your harvest will reduce.

Taking care of Armenian Cucumber

When it comes to taking care of Armenian Cucumbers, you should be mindful about fertilizing and watering. You should provide a continuous supply of water to end up getting the best quality fruits. In other words, you need to ensure that the soil is always moist. However, make sure that you don’t add too much water to keep it wet. That’s why we don’t encourage you to proceed with overhead splashing or watering. If you do, you will be promoting the spread of diseases.

Armenian Cucumber plants are capable of thriving in numerous soil conditions. However, you should still think about adding fertilizer to maximize the production that you will get. This is why we encourage you to add organic fertilizer slowly. You will also need to add some extra fertilizer when the plants start to flower.

How to harvest Armenian Cucumber?

You will need to harvest Armenian Cucumber when the fruits are still young. Then you can expect to receive maximum quality at the end of the day. You may think about harvesting the fruits when they are about 10 inches in length. However, it is also possible to allow the fruits to grow up to one foot in length

and pick. The crispiness of Armenian Cucumbers would reduce as they grow. This can also reduce the overall taste. Hence, you will end up getting the taste of watermelon.

Throughout the growing season, you will be able to proceed with harvesting Armenian Cucumber. You can think about using garden snips in order to harvest the fruits. Some people tend to harvest Armenian Cucumber by pulling the fruits. You shouldn’t do this as it can cause damage to the vine.

After harvesting Armenian Cucumbers, you can add them to pasta salads and green salads. Moreover, you can also think about using them in vegetable platters and sandwiches. Some people even include Armenian Cucumber in mixed plates with olives, fresh mint, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese.

Final words

After reading this guide, you know how to proceed with growing Armenian Cucumber. It is something that any person who is passionate about gardening can do. That’s because you will be able to end up getting a delicious vegetable grown at the comfort of your home. You may also buy Armenian Cucumber seeds in bulk and save them for the future. Then you will not have to worry too much about getting Armenian Cucumber to your dishes throughout the year.

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