Best plants for an office room

The office room is also an important place for many of you. According to research conducted during 2020, it has been proven that a person is spending an average of 43.8 hours a week within an office room. Similar to that, the office room is a unique place that has significant value. Therefore if you can add some extraordinary look for the office room, it is better for you. Normally the office room is consistent with some limited materials such as a working desk, table, chairs and sometimes that is with shelves used for the organizing of the workspace.

Best plants for an office room

Have you thought about converting your working background into a green colour? As per the various beliefs, the green colour is a very comfortable colour for the eyes. And the green colour gains you a very relaxing mind. Therefore if you have created the working environment into a green colour, you would be able to work comfortably.

But sometimes you may think that turning the surrounding environment around might be a difficult task. But don’t think in such away. It is really easy. Also, it would not be very expensive as well. Just you have to pick some suitable plants that suit your working environment. Then plant them by selecting necessary pots or any other planting modes. Also, provide all necessary conditions for planting. You know that the necessary conditions mean the natural factors such as light, water, soil and temperature ranges. If you could follow these things, then you would be able to reach your goal of turning the surrounding environment into a totally green environment.

Though you are going to turn an office room, there might be several difficulties for you. Among them, the low light conditions are the main difficulty that you have to face. Never mind that difficulty, you could either choose the plants that require low light conditions in your office room. As if you can’t water the plants most frequently, then you could choose the plants that require low watering conditions. Therefore for each and every difficulty, you could get solutions. Therefore start planting within your office room without any hesitation. So the given below are some of best plants that are very suitable for an office room. If you like to make your office room unique then it is better to choose some plants from here.

Snake plants

The snake plants are one of the toughest houseplants that exist. I am sure that this is the toughest houseplant that I met throughout my lifetime. As well as that the snake plants are a hardy type plant. Therefore the snake plants don’t require much water. Also, they don’t require much brighter sunlight as well. Usually, the snake plants don’t require watering frequently. It is better if you water them once 2 – 3 weeks at least. They can exist healthy. Here you have to inspect the soil condition of the plant previous to the watering. Make sure that the soil is fully dried before any watering time. Don’t overwater the plants. If you have over-watered them, that can lead to the root rotting.

ZZ plants

The ZZ plants are a wavy green plant type. The ZZ plants are growing in low light conditions most commonly. Also, they could live healthy in drought-like conditions. That simply means that the ZZ plants don’t require much water. It is sufficient if you have watered them once every two to three weeks time intervals. These are growing very quickly and sometimes these are reaching the 28” height.

Aloe vera

This is a very beneficial and most suitable plant to add to your surroundings. Aloe vera is also a plant with some health benefits. The aloe vera is a double duty succulent plant. Certainly, it would be the best option. But these plants require direct sunlight to grow. And the water is the other need for Aloe vera. The Aloe vera leaves contain a substance like gel. After the plants and the leaves get matured you can remove the leaves from the plant. Then squeeze out the gel from the plant leaves. The gel from the Aloe vera is really the best remedy for treating burns, bruises and sores.

Modern bamboo

Bamboo is considered a symbol of good fortune and luck. That is what you essentially required while working. Another main thing is that you don’t need to pay much attention to taking care of the modern bamboo. But the most required thing is the perfect spot in your garden. Here you are focusing the planting on your office room. Therefore select a location that is getting moderate sunlight. The plants will do their best when there are indirect sunlight conditions. When the soil becomes dried, water them in order to keep the plant healthy.

Peace lily

As the name indicates the peace lily gives you a sense of peace. The peace lilies are white in colour. These are beautiful as well as eye-catching. The peace lily has the property of purifying the air. That would be a very good thing during the working place. When it comes to the sunlight needs, the peace lily doesn’t want bright or direct sunlight conditions. But always make sure to place these plants in a well-lit location. They don’t require frequent watering. Therefore at least you have to water them once per week. But during the hot summer seasons, you have to be alert regarding the watering amounts. If you take care of the plants, then in the end you will receive the best result.

Spider plants

The spider plants are usually kept in the corner of the working desk. Or else easily kept in a hanging pot. The leaves of the spider plants are called the spiderettes. The spider plants usually prefer indirect downlights. Therefore don’t place these spider plants in a place getting direct sunlight. If your office is a dimly lit place, it creates a perfect place for the plants. Water the plants thoroughly. Frequent watering is also not essential for these plants. Try to water the plants at least once per two weeks. Because keeping the soil moistened is the essential fact for keeping your plants healthy.

Red nerve fittonia

This is a plant that could be found in the tropical regions most commonly. These evergreen plants require sunny and humid conditions for their existence. If your office is located closer to a rainforest, then you can offer all these conditions to your plants. Even if it is located in a place where the rainforest is not near, you can supply the required conditions. When you feel the leaves and the plant have become dried, at that occasion you have to provide some water. Misting the leaves is also required in order to keep the plant and leaves humid.

Monstera plant

If the office room is with excessive floor space, the monster plants are the best option to fill the floor space. The Swiss Cheese plant is another calling name for these monster plants. In all the places that are getting lower light conditions, these monster plants thrive. The monster plants will add immense beauty to your office room as well. When the top half of the soil becomes dried, that is the perfect time for watering these plants. And the other thing required is plant foods. Feed the plant with some plant foods at least per month.

So the above are some plant types that would be suitable for you. You have to keep your office room tidy, clean and neat. For that purpose certainly, these types of plants would help you. Add unique quality for your office room with a greener environment.

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