Round zucchini: A growing guide from seed to harvest

Zucchini is among the most popular vegetables you consume. Instead of shopping for zucchini at the local grocery store, you may think about growing it at your home. Then you will get the opportunity to enjoy fresh zucchini whenever you want it. There are numerous variations of zucchini available for you to consider as well. Continue to read this article and we will share all the steps you need to follow when you are growing round zucchini at home.

Round zucchini

What exactly is round zucchini?

As the name suggests, round zucchini comes with a rounded shape. These are pretty much similar to other variants of zucchini, and you can get a tender taste out of them. To get the best taste out of round zucchini, you will need to pick them when they are small. Then you can use round zucchini for a variety of recipes. In other words, you can bake, roast, or even grill round zucchini.

How to plant round zucchini?

Before you plant round zucchini, you will need to purchase seeds. Before that, you should also keep in mind that round zucchini is a vegetable that thrives heat. Hence, you should be careful not to get them during winter season. Soil temperature should be around 65F to 70F when you plant the seeds. Otherwise, you may think about planting round zucchini at your indoor garden under appropriate environmental conditions.

In case if you noticed a drop of temperature, you should immediately cover up the plants with a row cover or cloches. Then you can keep the plants protected.

Steps to plant round zucchini

You can purchase round zucchini seeds depending on the number of plants that you want. If you are a family of four, planting around two to three round zucchini plants would be more than enough. However, it doesn’t hurt to plant more because you share them with your friends and family members. Here are the steps that you will need to follow when you are planting round zucchini at home.

Directly sow soil and plant

You can directly sow soil and plant round zucchini upon noticing appropriate temperature in soil. Some people tend to grow round zucchini in raised beds. If you do that, you need to make sure that you are planting seeds while keeping a distance of around six inches. Otherwise, you should maintain a distance of around 10 to 18 inches. This will help you to promote excellent germination as well. You should be mindful about temperature drops as well. In case if there’s a drop in temperature, you may use a row cover to protect your round zucchini plants.

Planting round zucchini indoors

It is also possible for you to plant round zucchini indoors. In fact, some people prefer to plant round zucchini indoors and then move them to their gardens when there’s a warmer temperature outside. You might not be able to plant round zucchini plants indoors throughout the year because the seedlings tend to grow up fast. If you are growing these plants indoors, you should get pots that have a width of around four inches. Moreover, you need to use an appropriate quality potting mix as well. Grow lights play a major role behind the growth of these plants. You need to keep them on for a period of at least 16 hours a day.

Pay special attention to soil moisture levels

No matter how you plant round zucchini, you will need to be mindful about soil moisture. You need to water these plants in moderation. Make sure that you never overwater the plants. Instead, you should always try to keep a lightly moist soil. Moreover, you may also think about using organic fertilizer in liquid form, so that you can strengthen the plants and facilitate their growth.

Can you plant round zucchini on hills?

Yes, it will be possible for you to plant round zucchini on hills, but there are few challenges associated. You should learn how to overcome those challenges as you go ahead. Some people even say that this is the most appropriate method available for planting round zucchini as well. That’s mainly because the soil in hilly areas tend to warm up pretty quickly during spring. Moreover, you can ensure that you are planting round zucchini in soil that has a high fertility. Proper drainage is available in hilly areas, and you will not have to worry too much about maintaining soil moisture levels. It can also support pollination of plants.

Taking care of round zucchini

After planting round zucchini, you will need to take care of them as well. For example, you should occasionally top up mulches and water them well. The round zucchini plants will only produce male flowers at the beginning. Pollination would take place only after some time. You should provide an ideal environment for pollination to happen as well. However, you may also think about hand pollinating the flowers. All you have to do is to extract pollen out of male flowers and transfer them to any of the open female flowers.

You may also think about eating round zucchini flowers. For example, there are people who stuff and batter these flowers. However, you will only be able to pick make round zucchini flowers as they don’t come with a bulge.

Harvesting round zucchini

Now let’s come to the most important section of this article, where we discuss about harvesting round zucchini. The round zucchini plants will yield relatively large vegetables, which are usually the size of a baseball.

You can twist or cut off round zucchini fruits when they are small in size. That’s because the smaller fruits offer a nuttier and a denser flesh. Moreover, they provide an excellent taste as well. Some people allow the fruits to grow bigger. If you do that, you will end up with getting watery marrows. Hence, you should be careful not to do that mistake.

It is also important to keep your eyes on round zucchini plants regularly. Then you can make sure that you don’t allow the fruits to overgrow.

Final words

Now you know how to plant round zucchini and how to harvest them. This is a perfect fruit available for you to consider, and you may grow them at your home without thinking twice. Then you can continue to enjoy them throughout the year.

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