The plants which do not need sunlight

Sunlight is the most essential factor required for the existence of plants. It is better to get enough sunlight for the existence of the plants. You have to know that it is possible to know that some parts of the home are not getting proper sunlight. In most cases, you have some remedies to deal with these light issues. As a most popular remedy for this issue, you can substitute lamps and some other light sources. Unfortunately, some plants require direct sunlight essentially for their existence. A very simple solution is to furnish the room with sun-deprived rooms with plants that don’t need sunlight.

Other than that as a gardener, you could be able to shift to the low light houseplants option. Note that each and every plant requires at least one spot of sunlight. If not it is difficult to resist and continue the growth of the plants. Then when considering these options, it is best to plant some plants that can resist the low light conditions given that all plants can live in low light conditions as well as in artificial light sources. Have a look at the following plant types and pick which are the best options for you.



The bromeliad is a tropical plant group. The plant is coming with vibrant pops of various colors. The bromeliad is looking best with the shelves on the tabletops and it is dependent on the various species.

Also, you have to know that most bromeliad species prefer indirect sunlight rather than staying In direct sunlight. You are aware that direct sunlight is somewhat harmful to plants. Extended exposure to direct sunlight can cause harm to bromeliad leaves. Therefore always it is better to place the plants near a window.  But don’t keep directly in such a place.  Other than that the plants can grow efficiently when there is fluorescent lighting is available. If natural light is not available you can shift into the fluorescent light source.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen plants are very easy to grow when all indoor plants are taken into consideration. They mostly thrive in conditions that are not getting adequate sunlight. Many people say that these Chinese evergreens are the best option when you are starting your initial houseplant. There is a variety called older Chinese evergreen flowers. Those are similar to the calla lilies and these also look better with the floor next to the furniture in order to fill the existing spaces inside your home garden. The younger Chinese evergreen plants are a perfect addition for the desks, shelf decorations, and tabletops. Apart from that this plant type is considered an air-filtering houseplant. The Chinese evergreen plants are easy to grow.

The light requirement can be identified with the leaves colors of the plants. If the plant possesses dark leaves the plant requires low light conditions. If the leaves have light-colored leaves, that is a sign that the plant is preferred for medium light conditions.

Cast-iron plant

The plant is most commonly known as the iron plant. That is referred to by that name because the plant is hardy and that can survive in any condition. The plant is producing rich green coloured leaves. Also, those are perfect for anywhere in your room.

These also plant types that require low light conditions to thrive. They have a slow growth rate. And those are very hard to kill. The one and only requirement are to keep the plants away from the direct sunlight for avoiding the leaves turning brown colored or else from getting scorched. Really if you want to offer the plants extra care and cast iron, what you have to do is wipe down the leaves of the plants by using a damp cloth. By cleaning the leaves you can make the leaves very easy to expose to the sun and gain the required nutrients for the existence of the plant.


 The dracaena is the most common houseplant that is easy to care for within your home garden. There are multiple dracaena varieties you could be able to find. As with other plants, these plants can be kept on the shelves. There are some larger varieties of the dracaena available. Those are looking like a tree and act as floor décor in most cases.

 The dracaenas are growing best in most of the conditions such as in bright light conditions, indirect light conditions as well. Other than that the dracaenas are considered to be top air-purifying plants. That can filter out the toxic compounds contained in the environment. You can have good care regarding your plants when you know about your plants at the depth of them.

Dumb cane

 Dumb canes are a very beautiful plant variety. This plant variety is more easily found in both homes and office spaces. All parts of these plants are poisonous. This is one reason that the plant is calling out as the dumb cane. Because of that reason, it is better to keep the plants away from the pets as well as from children.

 The dumb canes are available in any environmental conditions. In both conditions that means in the low light as well as high light conditions the plant would be resistant. There are some species of dumb canes are available that can survive ie low filtered light conditions. The plants may not continue to grow depending on their variety of them.

English ivy

 The English ivy is known to be a beautiful plant type. Also, it is considered to be a climbing plant. Other than that the English ivy is a great addition to the trellis, fences and for the other types of places that vines are most commonly growing. In most cases, ivy is preferred for bright light conditions. Unlike the other plant types, the is also capable of tolerating bright light conditions. Similar to the ivy plants the pothos also act well in shady places and places getting indirect sunlight.

 Maidenhair fern

The maidenhair ferns are known to be an elegant plant that usually elevates any of the rooms. The same plant type is very easy to kill. They are possessing very beautiful leaves. You know that this is also a fern type. Like the other fern types such as Boston fern, bird’s nest fern these plants also exist in indirect sunlight

Other than those conditions the maidenhair plants are most commonly preferred to be grown in places getting high humidity levels. Also as a planter, you have to keep the soil surrounding the maidenhair plants moist. And it is better to put distilled.

Parlour palm

These are considered to be lush plants. Usually, these are a great addition to your living room as well as to your dining room. The parlor palms are a very special type of palms. These palm types are actually an indication of family affluence. Unlike the other plant types, these will bring out an extraordinarily sophisticated feel for any place that they kept.

The low light conditions are best for the palms. Also, they have the capability of growing in medium light conditions as well. On most occasions, they prefer shady locations. So the given details are regarding some plant groups that prefer low light conditions. In most cases, the plant types can be grown within your house. However, if you are getting low light conditions it is better to start gardening with these plant types.

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