Tulip planting depth: How to plant your tulip bulbs for optimal blooms

Do you want to enhance the good looks of your garden by getting tulip plants? Then you will need to think about buying tulip bulbs. Even after purchasing tulip bulbs, you should know how to go ahead with planting them. In this article, we are looking forward to sharing the steps with you on how to plant tulip bulbs, so that you can end up with getting optimal blooms.

Tulip planting depth

When and where can I plant tulip bulbs?

You can’t store tulip bulbs. Instead, you will need to think about planting the bulbs as soon as you get. This is something that you need to do in the night time. In fact, you need to wait till the moment temperature drops in between 40F to 50F. Then you can plant them in the ground and let the plants grow.

The area of the garden you select to plant tulip bulbs should receive full sunlight throughout spring. Moreover, you need to make sure that it is an area having excellent drainage as well. Make sure that you don’t select an area with excessive moisture, heavy clay, or shade. That’s because such environmental conditions can make the plants rot. The bulbs contain all nutrients and energy that they require to bloom during spring. However, you should also be careful to amend soil with some organic matter such as compost.

Tulip is one of the most beautiful flowers that you can have in your garden. Therefore, you will need to think about planting them in a place within the garden, where you can bring out the best looks without a struggle. This will help you to make your home garden look outstanding.

How deep should I plant tulip bulbs?

Along with tulip bulbs, you will get all instructions to follow. If you can follow those instructions, you will end up with getting the best results. The ideal depth you need to plant the bulb would vary depending on the overall size of it. In fact, you should dig a hole that measures about three times the overall height of your bulb. In case if you soil with sand, you should think about planting it a bit deeper. It is possible to plant multiple tulip bulbs at once. However, you should dig separate holes for them.

If you are getting species tulips, you may think about planting them shallowly as well. That’s because they aren’t a target of squirrels.

How to plant the tulip bulbs?

Now we come to the most important section of the article, where we learn about how to plant tulip bulbs. You will need to dig a small hole up to desired length and proceed. It is also important to loosen soil near the base of the bulb. In order to do this, you will have to dig a couple of extra inches as well. Once you do that, you can support healthy root growth.

After you plant the bulb, you will need to add the soil back. At the time of planting the bulb, you should be careful to keep the pointy side in upward direction. Even if you don’t do this correctly, the bulb is capable of turning upright on its own. Then you should add compost to the hole. You will also need to continue with watering the site continuously.

How to protect tulip bulbs?

After you plant tulip bulbs, you will come across the need to provide protection to them from pests. This is where you should be extra mindful about the damage caused by chipmunks and squirrels. Both these animals consider tulip bulbs as a tasty snack. However, there’s a smart way to overcome this struggle. You will need to purchase some daffodil bulbs along with tulip bulbs. Then you can keep them around, so that squirrels and chipmunks would consume them.

You can also think about adding an extra layer of leaves into your garden. Organic material you have on the top will help you to provide additional protection. On top of that, it will contribute a lot towards nourishing your soil as well. If you are looking for an alternative fertilizer, you may think about adding hen manure fertilizer. This method will also help you to provide protection for tulip bulbs from squirrels as they repel the smell.

What would happen if you planted tulip bulbs too shallow or too deep?

Some people plant tulip bulbs too shallow or too deep. This is one of the mistakes that you can do. For example, if you plant the bulbs too shallow, there is a possibility for them to be found by chipmunks and squirrels. On the other hand, they will be vulnerable to changes in weather, such as freezing and thawing as well.

On the other hand, you should be extra careful about planting the tulip bulbs too deep as they would not flower. Or else, there is a possibility for the plants to flower too late. This will keep you away from getting the best results at the end of the day.

There should be enough space maintained in between the tulip bulbs. If you don’t adhere to this, you might run into certain problems. For example, there is a possibility for the roots to strangle each other. On the other hand, the plants would suffer from lack of nutrition and water as well.

Final words

The process of growing tulip at home is not something challenging. All you need to do is to adhere to the basics and proceed with getting the job done. You need to be careful to purchase tulip bulbs from a reputed supplier. On the other hand, you should carefully go through instructions before you proceed with planting the bulbs. Then you can have a clear picture on what you should do. Based on that, you can proceed with planting tulip bulbs, so that you can end up with getting expected returns at the end of the day

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