When to plant sunflowers: 3 options for lots of beautiful blooms 

Sunflowers are a perfect addition to your home garden. You can make your home garden look beautiful with these colorful flowers. On top of that, you will also be able to get numerous other benefits from sunflower plants, such as the ability to get sunflower seeds. There are three main options available to consider as you plant sunflowers at home as well. Continue to read and we will share details about those three options in detail. 

When to plant sunflowers

Planting sunflower in mid spring – Planting sunflowers outside  

If you want to plant sunflowers outside, you should do that during mid-spring. Then you will have an ideal environment to proceed with planting sunflowers as well. However, there are few challenges associated with planting sunflowers outside. For example, you will have to deal with the problems caused by chipmunks, birds, and mice. Hence, you should take appropriate measures to overcome such damage. Following are the steps you should follow when you plant sunflower in mid spring. 

Time everything correctly 

You need to time everything correctly when you are planting sunflowers outside. It is a good idea to plant them indoors for a period of 7 to 10 days. Then you can take the seeds outside and plant. This will provide a staggered blooming time to you. On top of that, you can receive assistance to keep the lawn colorful as well. 

Find the most appropriate location 

Sunflowers require lots of sunlight to ensure healthy growth. Therefore, you need to select an appropriate site that receives at least 8 hours of sunlight per day. You will need to carefully observe your garden and find the most appropriate place. 

Plant the seeds 

Once you select the most appropriate place, you may sow the seeds at once. It is possible for you to use a trowel in order to dig holes. A hole should be around one inch in depth. You may think about keeping a distance of around 8 inches in between two plants. Then you can end up with getting dense plantings. It is also important not to sow the sunflower seeds over one inch in depth. If you do, there is a possibility for the seeds not to germinate.  

Planting sunflower in early spring – Planting sunflowers indoors 

Early spring is the perfect time available to proceed with planting sunflowers indoors. By adhering to the below-mentioned steps, you may proceed with planting them without a struggle. 

Be mindful about timing  

Even if you are planting sunflowers indoors, you should be mindful about timing. It is a good idea to get ready to plant the seeds around four weeks before early spring. However, you should be careful not to plant them too early. Otherwise, the plants will be highly susceptible and leggy.  

Sow the seeds 

The next step is to proceed with sowing the seeds. Most people out there prefer to seek the assistance of peat pellets for planting the seeds indoors. This is something good that you can try. That’s because you can easily transfer them to the lawn at a later stage, without causing any disturbance to the roots. However, you will need to make sure that you neatly plant the seeds. Then you can smoothly transfer them. 

Provide enough lighting  

When you are planting sunflower seeds indoors, you need to be extra careful about lighting. If you fail to provide enough lighting, there is a high possibility for the seedlings to become leggy. As a result, you cannot expect to receive the best returns. In other words, you will end up with getting mature vegetation in the long run. However, indoor lighting is available to help you with overcoming this problem. You can get some indoor lighting fixtures and place them on top of your garden bed. It is important to fix them around 5 inches from the top of your vegetation. Then you should keep the lights on for a period of around 18 hours a day. When you provide enough lighting, the plants will thrive to grow. 

Transferring the vegetation 

After planting the sunflower seeds, you should fertilize and water them once in a week. This is where a liquid natural fertilizer can help you. You will be able to transfer the plants to your outdoor garden after four weeks. However, you should be careful to find an appropriate location before transferring them. Once you plant them in your garden, you should take good care of them as well. 

Planting sunflower seeds in winter  

The last option would be to plant the sunflower seeds in winter. This can be challenging, but the results are highly rewarding. If you take proper care of the plants, they will continue to growth throughout winter and deliver amazing results. Following steps will help you to get a better idea on how to plant sunflower seeds in winter. 

Get ready with your jugs 

You should be ready with your jugs before you plant the sunflower seeds. This is where you can think about using scissors in order to chop off the highest jug of your sunflower plants. The cut should be made around 1/3rd from the ground. Make sure that you use a good pair of scissors to do this. 

Fill the ground of your jug with soil  

As the next step, you will need to fill up the ground of your jug with soil. Then you can plant the seeds at a depth of around one inch from the top. You can shut the jug after that with the help of a duct tape. This will help you to create a mini greenhouse, which provides an ideal environment for planting sunflower seeds in winter. 

You will need to keep this for the rest of the winter. That’s because rain or snow can create a negative impact on the seeds. You can take out the plants during the spring season. It is important to check and make sure that the temperature is above 70 F before you take them out. 


When you notice appropriate environmental conditions outdoors, you can proceed with transplanting the sunflower seedlings to your garden. Your plants will be in a position to tolerate the spring without giving any problems. 

Final words 

As you can see, there are few different methods available for growing sunflowers at home. it is up to you to go through these methods and pick the most appropriate method. No matter what method you pick, it is important to stick to the steps we shared to get the best returns.  

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